Territorial promotion and development, care for the environment and sustainability of settlements, monitoring and highlighting of the local peculiar traits and of the social and economic character: these are the themes ERVET works with. Such themes are developed through special projects which get carried out in synergy by ERVET’s operative units.

The consideration for the supply and the quality of the infrastructures for communication, mobility and production of goods and services are a key point to the enhancement of an area to live and work in.

A permanent monitoring of the construction and public works sectors is carried through a dedicated information system which systematically follows the life cycle of the building sites. Another important tool is the in-depth analysis of one particular field, which potentially produces meaningful changes in the quality of the existing real estate.

Moreover ERVET supports the Region in the informatization of the public administration, in the monitoring and evaluation of the results of its policies in this and in the field of Smart Cities in constant comparison with other European regions.