The consolidation and promotion of regional competitiveness, as a virtuous network of economy, skills and society, is one of the main aims of the regional policies and consequently one of ERVET’s operative objectives.

Territorial marketing represents a strategic driver for the economic development of the region: Ervet carries out investment promotion and facilitation activities in Emilia-Romagna, aiming at strengthening the competitiveness of the region at international level, also targeting and supporting foreign investments. Particular areas of work are in: securing funds, support to investors, technical support for the conclusion of ‘regional agreements for the settlement and development of enterprises’ – in accordance with the provisions of the Regional Law n.14/2014 for the “Promotion of investments in Emilia Romagna”.

ERVET, due to its horizontal nature, provides technical assistance activities for all Regional Operational Program (ERDF, ESF and EAFRD),supporting programming and management of Program and their monitoring mechanisms, as well as audit and control tasks. This tecnical assistance thus pave the way for the successful allocation of the Structural Funds in Emilia Romagna, in the management of which the Region is considered among the best performing in Europe.

As far as enterprise development is concerned, Ervet supports the Region in the definition and implementation of public interventions in the following fields:

  • manufacturing through the promotion of environmentally equipped industrial parks
  • cultural and environmental heritage for the promotion of tourism
  • advanced services, professions and enterprises related to creativity and culture, in particular through the multimedia industry