Qualify the coordination of the complex cycle of the realization of public procurement and public contracts. This is Ervet’s first mission on behalf of the Emilia-Romagna Region in the field of the policies for prevention and contrast of: bad management and waste of public sources, corruption, criminal connections, work incompleteness which means the insufficient quality of architecture and performance, the distortion of concurrency among economic operators, the dodging of environmental parameters, the dodging of minimum wages, the dodging of the rules for the protection of workers safety.

Catalyze more financial sources for the realization of public work and infrastructures with the support of public and private forms of partnership. This is Ervet second mission on behalf of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Three are Ervet main fields of activities:

Coordination of monitoring and information systems aimed to the publicity and transparency of public procurements and contracts; inspection of the regularity of workers employment in construction sites;

Technical operative support to public administrations;

Coordination of tools for juridical support of public and private operators.



Quality and safety in workplaces and in construction sites. Monitoring of the plans for ambestos disposal. Ervet’s effort in the field of safety even comprises the calculation of the expenditures related to the application of the tools for specific planning and managing.

Ervet cooperates with the Regional government and the Health local Agency in the permanent monitoring of the auditing and control activities carried out by other bodies like the regional department of the National Work Institute, Local Administrations, INAIL (the National Institute against Industrial Accidents), Fire Brigades.