ERVET supports the internationalization of the social and economic system of the Emilia-Romagna Region through the realization of projects co-financed by national/European/international programs as well as the participation in and implementation of programs of European Territorial Cooperation. In this framework, ERVET is actively involved in the setting up of transnational European networks, in the consolidation of relationships with EU and international institutionsand in the cooperation with other Eurpean regions. ERVET, then, plays a key role in providing technical assistance on the following 2014-2020 European Territorial Cooperation Programs: MED , by hosting the National Contact Point;  Adrion  by the Joint Technical Secretariat

ERVET engages in international territorial marketing activities aimed at the promotion of investments in Emilia-Romagna. In this context, ERVET supports the consolidation of the Regional System in international settings and promotes the attractiveness of its productive systembeing a contact point for foreign investors. ERVETsupports the creation of EU/international partnerships in the sectors of welfare, innovation, environment.

On behalf of Emilia-Romagna Region, ERVET organizes dissemination and information activities on EU policies and programs, mainly through the web portal and other information tools such as social networks, newsletter, training/information events.

In the filed of international Cooperation, ERVET supports the regional government in policy planning on International Relations activities (Regional Law n.6/2004) and Development Cooperation Program (Regional Law n.12/2002) and carries out international cooperation projects in different priority areas (e.g. Western Balkans, Latin America).